Established in 2022

D Aerospace started with a vision of a different drone, an enhanced one. We wanted to build and innovate in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) field because we truly see the future in industrial-sized drones, resistant to any weather change and condition, fit for any sector and any need. 

We started playing around with materials and textures so that the construction could be optimal. 

Then, our team of skilled engineers made the necessary calculations so that the drones would truly outlast and outperform even the biggest players in the industry. 

Our focus shifted to how we could build around the frame, how personal we could truly take it – a different camera type for the different sectors they would be used in, various legs for various landing conditions, sensors that would adapt according to the industry, boxes that could carry payload without compromising the flight time. 

The next step was the battery – we understood that there was no universal solution for one, as some needed more flight time than others, so naturally, we developed several ones based on the preference of our clients. 

Taking it even further, we knew we had the responsibility to educate and help out in the beginning, therefore developing a support system and knowledge center that every customer could benefit from.

D Aerospace was built not only as a business, but as a reliable provider of drone services. Our aim is to elevate the drone experience and make it easier for you to pilot to new spaces.