A reliable and compact drone that gives you the power to go further and reach higher without worrying about unpredictable weather conditions.

  • 40 Minutes Flight Time
  • Payload Up To 10 Kg
  • Flight Range 20 Km

Giving you freedom to fly higher!

Salvatore, designed for professional and industrial use features a flight time of up to 40 minutes and unbeatable versatility with a large payload bay for payloads up to 10 kg

Pixhawk Flight Controller

Salvatore feature open-source Pixhawk flight controllers, offering endless possibilities to customize your drone for your specific operation.

The standard configuration is set up with ArduPilot software, however, upon request, we can install PX4 instead.

We offer both the Cube Orange and Cube Blue flight controllers. You can learn more information about both options further down the page.


Herelink ground station

This transmitter allows you to manually fly your drone, view a live video feed from the aircraft at all times, and program automated missions on a Google Maps overlay.

The HereLink Black has the following features:

  • 3 Functions in 1 unit – view live HD video feed at all times, manually fly the aircraft, and program auto missions using a Google Maps overlay
  • Touchscreen for ease of use
  • QGroundControl & Mission Planner installed
  • See the live aircraft location on a Google Maps interface
  • 2 mini HDMI video ports allow you to have two cameras connected and switch between the video feeds
  • Flight range up to 20 km